Sunday, February 21, 2010

Still plowing through "2666"

Crappola............way more than a month since I've last been here.

No, I'm not blogging with the rapidity previously witnessed when I first started this blog, but that does not mean I'm not fighting to get back into the old habit of doing so.

Right now, I'm reading "2666" by Roberto Bolano, which is a hefty 900 pages roundabout. Even so, I'd normally be finishing that book up right about now (assuming I'd be reading it every train trip to and from work, and at home after watching an episode of "Law and Order" or "Criminal Minds"), but I am also reading a non-fiction work and The Book of Acts. I rotate between the three every two or three days.

"2666" started out great, but the chapter with the character Fate is moving quite slow.

I'm wondering if I should start "The Caves of Steel" by Isaac Asimov next or Agatha Christie novel "Three Act Tragedy". Also on queue for reading is "Casino Royale" by Ian Fleming and "Behold the Man" by Michael Moorcock.