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A young Facebooker once wrote that, in view of the fact that God limited man's intelligence, it seems unfair that his stupidity knows no boundaries (to some such effect). I always find myself wishing the human brain was larger, or it used more of itself. I hate that I read and have experiences with all these novels only for time to erase them out of memory later on. So, this blog shall serve as extra brain meat put into the skull, and I'll just put my reflections here, since the internet does not forget. Unless it's programmed to.

I feel I must also add that this is a blog for attacking the books on my shelf (which will grow as true readers' bookshelves oft do) and putting my experiences and opinions on them here. The mix of fiction read will, of course, include texts that range from being published last week to stuff that was published when your great-grandfather was just a gleam in God's eye. So, a certain amount of relative social/temporal context will be included in my view of the book, but I cannot attempt exposés of what the author actually meant or how the audience of their time interpreted it, only what I get from it here and now.
The texts and even the meaning of them may stay the same, but their application to life will change over time.

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